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Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

The Millville Area School District welcomes and encourages parents, guardians, and community members to volunteer their time and energies to support educational activities that occur within our schools. Within our elementary and secondary educational programs, there are numerous opportunities for participation that would serve to enrich the experiences of our students.

Volunteers who are committed to assisting students are valued members of the school team. Volunteers relate appropriate experiences from the “outside world” to the students’ experiences that occur within their school. Students greatly benefit from the perspectives and positive interactions shared with community volunteers.

The following steps must be completed prior to starting actual
volunteer services and submitted to your school's office. All items needed can be submitted digitally below using the digital forms (preferred method).

  1. Read/Review the Volunteer Guidelines .(Below)
  2. Complete the Volunteer Acknowledgement Form.
  3. Obtain your clearances which include the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check (Act 34), the Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151) and completing either the Volunteer Affidavit in Lieu of Fingerprinting or the Federal FBI Fingerprinting Background Check (Act 114). Links and instructions can be found on this page for your convenience.
  4. Complete the Chaperone Guidelines Form.
  5. Complete the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement.

Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer Clearances & Forms