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Kindergarten Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is now open!!

To be eligible for enrollment in Millville Area School District, students must reside within the boundaries of the District. Please use the link below to determine what school district in which you reside. Students who live beyond our district boundaries can attend by paying tuition.  Tuition rates are determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and are subject to change each year.

School District Finder

  • Kindergarten pupils must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 of the school year registering.

  • Our registration process begins with the online registration system.  To use the system, you must first have an active email address.  If you do not have an email address, you can create a free Gmail account, please click here.

  • After successful completion of the online registration, you will be called to schedule an appointment for the Kindergarten screening process later in the spring and provide the required documentation if it was not uploaded during the online registration.

  • If you do not have access to a computer, please call (570) 458-5538, ext. 3220 to arrange for the use of a school computer on our campus.  This office, and the registration process, is open year round.

Online Registration Portal

New & Returning Student Registration Process


The information and instructions below are for student registration only.  Please see this page for PARENT PORTAL HELP and instructions on how to register for the parent portal (Grades, Homeroom, Schedule, and more).

Person at computer with notebook and pens

The faculty, staff, and administration would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your future student to the Millville Area School District!


Important Change in Definition of “Compulsory School Age”

Effective September 26, 2019, all children from the age of six (6) through the age of eighteen (18) must comply with compulsory school attendance requirements.  To meet these requirements, parents must ensure that their child between the ages of 6 and 18 is attending or participating in one of the following: a public elementary, middle, or high school; a public charter or cyber-charter school; a private licensed academic or private religious school; home tutoring by a certified teacher; or an approved program of home schooling.  Children may be excused from compulsory attendance for documented medical or other compelling reasons as outlined in District attendance policy and procedures.

Residency Requirements

To be eligible for enrollment in Millville Area schools, students must reside within the boundaries of the Millville Area School District, which includes Greenwood Township, Madison Township, Millville Borough & Pine Township. Students who live beyond our district boundaries can attend by paying tuition.  Families interested in enrolling their child as a tuition based student should contact Mrs. Whitney Holloway, Business Manager for Millville Area School District for tuition rates at or by phone at (570)458-5538, ext. 3248.

The following documentation will be required at the time of registration if not already uploaded during the online registration process.

  • Official birth certificate of student (copies will be accepted), or other official proof of age.

  • Student’s current immunization records (a copy may be obtained from your child’s physician or from online portals such as Geisinger's MyChart or Evangelical's FollowMyHealth).

  • Pennsylvania driver's license of parent/guardian indicating the address within the district.

  • Proof of Residence in Millville Area School District

    • Homeowner: Either a deed for a residential property within the district,

    • Renter: A lease or notarized affidavit from the homeowner showing occupancy of a residence within the district

    • AND one (1) of the following:

      • Tax return indicating residency within the district

      • Current check stub for wages, public assistance, social security or other source of income indicating residency within the district.

      • Payment or proof of liability for payment for municipal or school taxes due to residency within the district.

      • Current utility bill indicating payment for a utility due to occupancy of a residence within the district.

  • Custody Agreement (if applicable). This must be the most current, original document with the court seal.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact Chelsea Rosenberger at or at (570)458-5538, ext. 3220.

Required Immunizations

For attendance in all grades children need the following prior to the start of school:

  • 4 doses of tetanus, diptheria, and acelluar pertussis* (1 dose on or after the 4th birthday)

  • 4 doses of polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after the previous dose given)**

  • 2 doses of measles, mumps, rubella ***

  • 3 doses of hepatitis B

  • 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) or evidence of immunity

*Usually given as DTP or DTaP or if medically advisable, DT or Td

**A fourth dose is not necessary if the third dose was administered at age 4 years or older and at least 6 months after the previous dose

***Usually given as MMR

FOR ATTENDANCE IN 7th GRADE:  1 dose of tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap) and 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV) is required before the first day of 7th grade.

FOR ATTENDANCE IN 12th GRADE: 1 dose of MCV that was given at 16 years of age or older is required before the first day of 12th grade.


Online Registration Process


To ease the process of registration, parents and guardians are now able to submit applications and documentation online. Paper applications can still be obtained and submitted in person at the District Office.

Additional Info & Links

Homeless InformationPOLICY 251Homeless Information

  • Click the link to find relevant information pertaining to a child being Homeless

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)