Grading and Assessments

Last Updated: 8/23/2019 11:20 AM

Elementary P.E. Assessments and Grading


Participation – Reaching desired levels of physical activity as well as mental and social engagement.

       *Students can earn up to 10 points per class.


Sportsmanship – Interacting with peers and demonstrating appropriate sportsmanship skills.

        *Students can earn up to 10 points per class.


Skill – Periodically, students will be assessed on various skills. These assessments will be of age-appropriate physical and cognitive skills, and will occur through a variety of forms such as teacher observation rubric, exit tickets, iPad test (Study Island), and Plickers responses.

     *Possible points per assessment will vary based on skills being assessed.


Report card grades for Physical Education are rated as;

O for Outstanding.

S for Satisfactory.

N for Needs Improvement.


Students in grades 4th-6th also participate in the Presidential Fitness testing. This form of testing is not factored into their school grades. The purpose is for students to learn their fitness goals and work on achieving those goals throughout the school year. Students who achieve set goals at the end of the school year earn recognition awards.

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