Safety Committee

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Safety Committee

The workplace safety committee meets once per month in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents and injury on school property.   The committee posts safe workplace practices and procedures on this web site as they are developed.

Minutes of the Millville Area School District Safety Committee are available for review at the District Office during normal business hours.

If you have questions, recommendations, or concerns relative to safety in the workplace, please bring it to the attention of one of the safety committee members.   They will raise the issue at the next scheduled meeting.   The members of the committee and contact information are as follows:

Brent Crispell:

Megan Hippenstiel:

Kathy Musselman:

Officer Prescott:

Megan Scerbo:

Whitney Holloway: 

The following can be viewed by clicking on the word/link:

Workplace Safety Practices and Procedures

Safety Posters

Workplace Policy Statement  







 Safety Committee

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